Why become a member?

Upon joining you gain access to the members area of this site where there are forums to discuss and share information relevant to each of our action groups but most importantly you will be contributing to building a new society where we take responsibility for ourselves and each other independent of unacceptable conditions imposed by others. As a unified group we can prioritise and co-ordinate interaction with the many other groups who share our values with specialist knowledge and expertise such as in law, healthcare or alternative economics. We already have regular meetings and events dedicated to campaigns and socials, law & order, nutrition, and wellbeing. We are starting a skills exchange which members will be invited to participate in and we book occasional guest speakers to deliver presentations on subjects relevant to our aim, values, and principles. All our events and meetings are listed for ease of reference in a calendar in the members area of this site.

Who can become a member?

Subject to other membership conditions, anyone aged 18 or older may join.
Children up to and including the age of 15 are included in the membership of their parents or guardians.
People aged 16 to 17 inclusive are included in the membership of their parents or guardians but will be considered for individual membership at the discretion of The Administration.
Currently we do not offer family or household membership. Each individual is required to have their own membership.

How to become a member

We would like to meet you in person and so we do not have an online application option. Many of our members are often to be found at A Stand In The Park in Yeovil, Sherborne, or Shaftesbury on Sunday mornings. Alternatively, you may contact us about becoming a member by emailing the Membership Secretary

New members are required to complete an application form including an undertaking to abide by the constitution and consent to their basic details being kept in a confidential membership list.
Membership is for a year with the membership year running from April. The membership fee for 2024-2025 is £12 each with the option to pay a small amount extra for a membership card which you can keep upon renewal of your membership next year.
There is a 3 month probation period during which membership maybe cancelled with a full refund for any reason.

Catchment area

We have a catchment area to prioritise local resilience. Whilst we interact with those in neighbouring areas and further afield who align with our values, because we value self reliance and independence we expect such others to be keen to develop resilience in their own area. The defined radius from Cadbury Castle neatly encapsulates the main towns and villages of our founding members. A 30 to 40 mile diameter is also about an hours drive from side to side which is a comfortable range for members to stay in regular personal contact.

Radius from Cadbury-Camelot can be checked here (switch map to 'Topografic' mode and select Radius tab) 

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Covering South East Somerset and North West Dorset, we promote self determination and freedom of choice for our members and wider community.

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